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Long Let Cottages at Loudoun Mains

It is possible to rent a holiday cottage here at Loudoun Mains for a period longer than 4 weeks and significant discounts are offered. The discounted prices can be viewed on the Long Let tariff. Obviously conditions apply, but this type of Long Let is far more flexible and has distinct advantages over the traditional six-month lease offered by letting agencies, for example:

All our prices shown on the Long Let Tariff include council tax, water and sewage rates.



Our unique Deposit Guarantee Scheme allows you to choose how much rent you pay on a weekly basis without having to sign up to long six or twelve month leases. You just need to pay your deposit and decide on the length of stay you intend to have, this allows you to allocate the appropriate price per week. Once this is decided you either set up a standing order or debit card payment on a weekly basis and that is that. If you decide not to stay the full term that is okay, peoples circumstances change! just serve notice in writing applicable from the next Saturday and we will help you work out the difference (how much you should have been paying per week!) and we will deduct the balance from your deposit before handing it back to you on the day of departure.


You would have access to our reception staff everyday allowing you to report faults immediately, discuss the terms of your let, make payments and generally be part of the community that is made up of other like minded leaseholders.

  • You would have access to our Country Club and all its facilities on site.

  • There is full CCTV security in all car parks where there is unrestricted parking for all.

  • The on site storage facility allows you to access your store without leaving site.

  • We can if required provide full laundry service, and can supply linen towels etc to suit.

  • We have Wifi broadband in all cottages to allow you to work from home should it be required (charge of £5.00 per week applies).

  • The only necessary additional charges that would apply are for electricity and LPG where applicable.

  • All prices, terms and conditions are negotiable. Please feel free to ask.

Please get in touch if you're interested in finding out more about our long let cottages.


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